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United Agency is the home of Ark City, KS’s oldest real estate agency. Through the years, we have offered Cowley County top-notch service for both buyers and sellers, and the talent and professionalism our Realtors offer has been and continues to be unsurpassed. With the experience comes the knowledge and the ability to represent our clients and customers from beginning to finish of each transaction.

Why choose a Real Estate Professional?

A Realtor will help sell your home by:

  • Educating you on the home selling process.
  • Disclosing known material facts about the property.
  • Listing your home at the right asking price.
  • Helping with the staging of your home.
  • Presenting all offers in a timely manner.
  • Coordinating all of the details to ensure a smooth transaction.

A Realtor will help find you a new home by:

  • Educating you on the home buying process.
  • Locating suitable properties utilizing the knowledge of our local expertise.
  • Making arrangements to view selected properties.
  • Disclosing known material facts about properties.
  • Informing you of normal expenses associated with the purchase of a new home.
  • Successfully navigating the offer process.
  • Providing information on the availability of related services, such as appraisal, inspections, legal, survey, and other services.
Selecting Your Real Estate Agent

The agent brings the market to you. The market brings your price. The right agent is the one who knows the market and can get you the best price possible—not the one who promises you the highest price just to get you to list with them!

Some people find an agent through a family member or friend. This is often a reliable approach, but you might not always find the most compatible assistance this way. In a transaction as important and intensive as buying or selling a home, selecting a Realtor can be critical.

Regardless of how you get an agent’s name, it might be worth interviewing at least a couple before you make a final decision—or at least arming yourself with some criteria to go over with any agent who has been recommended to you.

Things to look for include:

If you’re looking for an agent to list your home, be wary of anyone who suggests they can get an unreasonably high sales price. An agent might use a high listing price to secure a contract, only to seek a lower price later, after little traffic is generated at the initial price level. Meanwhile, you’ve lost what can be the most critical time period in selling a home—the first weeks immediately after it’s listed.

Does the agent seem primarily interested in sharing expertise and market knowledge in an honest and straightforward manner? Or does the agent seem more interested in telling you what you want to hear, or do they spend a lot of effort trying to market additional products and services? The worst time to secure the services of a “yes-man” or an agent who seems to have a bit too many irons in the fire is when you’re entering a transaction involving something as expensive as your home. You need straightforward, reliable information—even if it’s not necessarily flattering regarding the home you’re selling or very encouraging regarding a home you think you might want to buy.

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