Agricultural Insurance for Kansas and Oklahoma

Running a farm or other agricultural operation is a challenging, but often rewarding experience. With so many different tasks to manage, devoting your time to comparing insurance policies may be impossible. Fortunately, our Arkansas City independent agency is prepared to offer competitive quotes for agricultural insurance. Kansas and Oklahoma family farms and agribusinesses rely on us to find the best coverage at the best price. With decades of combined experience and relationships with multiple providers, our agents at United Agency work to help you understand your agricultural insurance needs and compare rates for a wide range of available policies:

  • Livestock insurance: Coverage for animal mortality, theft, disease and other losses will prevent financial disaster.
  • Equipment coverage: Tractors, combines and other farm equipment are often very expensive. Adding equipment coverage can help you avoid out-of-pocket costs associated with repair or replacement of your equipment following an accident or theft.
  • Property and farm liability: This basic farm insurance covers damage to barns, silos, and other structures, building contents, and liability claims related to injury or damage to another’s property.
  • Workers compensation: Carrying a workers compensation policy to protect your employees may be a legal requirement. It is important to understand your workers comp requirements and explore all policy options available to you.

Discuss Farm Insurance with Our Arkansas City Agents

Since 1888, we’ve provided farm insurance to Kansas and Oklahoma family and commercial operations, customizing every policy package to the unique needs of the client. Our experience allows us to offer advice that can save you money and frustration. Our agents will review each aspect of your operation and offer advice and competitive quotes:

  • Farm insurance under your homeowners policy: If your farm, orchard or garden sits on fewer than 40 acres of land, you may be able to cover your operation under your homeowners policy. Our agents will help you review your situation and explore all of your policy options.
  • Creating a customized agri-range package: If your operation involves heavy equipment or more than 40 acres of land, creating a customized agri-range package may be the best way to protect your business. To help you create the most effective plan possible, we will walk you through all of your coverage options.

Call 620-442-0400 or request a quote to begin comparing agricultural insurance for Kansas and Oklahoma. To have a member of our staff call you, please contact us online.